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Hi all

I have heard a few extremely funny video’s/ songs. They are called dumb ways to die and the heathy song.

Dumb ways to die was made to make people be careful at the train stations. The message was from metro. I can assure you I am going to be super careful at a train station now. The video is a little gruesome though very funny and catchy. Did you know this song was all over the news because it go about 2m views in 48 hours.

here it is


The other video is also very funny and short.

It is a message from the health department, talking about how you should not be eating to much food or your body will not function well and you will get obese.

I would like to give credit to my friends blog: LOL blog

They were my friends who found it.

here it is




Teenage Affluenza is spreading fast

hey all

A couple of weeks ago during assembly we watched a video called teenage affluenza is spreading fast. It really tells us to be more grateful for what we have. We have food, shelter and water. The Teenage Affluenza video shows how all the poor kids struggle to live. It is very funny though apart from the laughter it is very important that everyone takes the video seriously.

Hope you liked the video.



I found this 100wc really interesting this week. If you don’t know what then 100 word challeneg is it is a blog that a retired English teacher runs and puts little prompt on her blog each week so people from different schools and post there 100w created around that prompt.

the prompt this week was my grandparents are important …………

My 100w took a while but here is mine

My grandparents remain the maddest grandparents I have ever known. Grandma makes the most revolting meals, especially the dreadful cornflake soup she made for dinner last night.  I also dislike when we have worm salad, Pa says it’s good for your digestive system, I completely disagree all it does is ruin your taste buds. Grandpa is even worse I don’t think he has any emotions. The other day I was watching an extremely bloodcurdling movie and my grandpa just sat there silently not moving a muscle. My grandparents may be mad but they make me happy, my grandparents are important.

I wonder what your 100w are?

Bye Mika

Little things

Hey all
You all know that we love one direction well there latest song has been let out and it’s called little things. It’s written by Ed Sheern and is very popular.

Please tell me what you enjoyed about the video. Did you like it?
Please comment on our blog and tell us what you think.


Hey all

A couple of days ago it was halloween, I love halloween. I find halloween a time to enjoy collecting candy and dressing in hilarious costumes with your friends. On Halloween I dressed up as a good angel and my friend dressed up as Luigi from Super Mario brothers. Other people I went with dressed up as witches, ghosts and many more scary outfits.

As we arrived at my friends house we had a few snacks and watched a movie waiting for the right time to go trickle treating. At about 6: 20 we went trickle treating and picked up heaps of candy.  All the houses were well decorated and we had a lot of fun. After trickle treating with a bag of candy we waited for our parents to go pick us up.

My dad was astonished with the amount of candy I had received. When I got home I found out my brother did extremely well when he went  trickle treating.

Halloween was extremely exciting and I already am thinking about plans for next year.

What did you dress up as?

did you get lots of candy?

Who did you go with?

Happy Halloween.

100 word challenge!!

(Jess speaking)

Our tour guide was showing us around the zoo.  We visited the birds, snakes and koalas. Afterwards we dug ourselves into a mouth watering lunch. Nothing better than a homemade Caesar salad topped with a giant mountain of jelly. Next we entered the nocturnal area where it was so dark I nearly fell over. The gloomy darkness made me feel scared; if felt like someone was walking behind me waiting to jump on me like a crazy gorilla. We walked past the possums, bats, owls…it was amazing to see how these animals live and oh my gosh what is that?

100 words apart from this and the Jess speaking part thing… oh and i found this cute picture on Google images:

100 word challenge

hey all this is Mikaela speaking

This is my 100 words for week 6 with this word prompt: What is that!.

The bell pieced our ears to inform us that it was our lunch break. My colleagues began to act like wild animals sprinting out into the hectic hallway. Olive clasped my hand and ran with me to the cafeteria. Only a few spit bombs hit us as we sprinted down the hallway, arriving at the cafeteria we skimmed the lunch menu. Olive raised her eyebrow “What is that” she exclaimed. I eyed the bottle green mush and looked in disgust.  Olive gestured me to come line up for our lunch.  With my plate of slop I strolled down the aisle.

Hey why don’t you try 100 words visit the http//:100wc

I would love to here your 100 words


100 word challenge!

Jess’s 100 words:

The temperature dropped suddenly and the lights turned off. When they came back on everyone had frozen into giant ice cubes with their hair stretching out like gel was applied to their hair. One question where did it come from? And why was I the only person who was not frozen? I started to search up high, down low, here there everywhere. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, I was just hoping to realise the answer when I see it. Surely this must have been a mistake, I am a perfectly normal human being or am I?

100 word challenge

Hi all this weeks was a word prompt

the temperature dropped suddenly and……..

Everyone started shivering, after putting on a snug outfit. News channels started to spread the news everywhere about the disastrous temperature drop that had just happened.  Research found by scientist shows that the temperature of the earth will rapidly descend until nothing is living on this planet says the boring news reporter. My mother turns still and as white as snow.  Shortly later another temperature drop happens. My older sister is on the phone to the hospital worried about mother. Another temperature drop, before I realize my sisters still and as white as snow.  My heart beats loudly. Temperature drop.


hey maybe you could do one I even got a picture for you so you make 100 words here it is.

Hope to see your 100 words on this picture.

from the Mikaela



one direction fever!

Hey all

I have to admitt I love 1 Direction!

Jess posted a long time ago that I liked Harry well things changed after watching a couple of these videos. My favourite at the moment is Louis Tomlinson.

Here are my fav videos of 1 direction

Live while were young

adventures of one direction

also as there are these X factor video diaries by one direction watch them they are hilarious.

what did you like about these video’s come tell us

bye the Mikaela